We increase learning processes
using technology and innovation


CETIT offers services for all industries who need additional training for their staff, from specialised training institutes to bigger corporations with a large staff. Each organization that requires training of their human capital can benefit from our services. We divide our target group into 3 groups:


The education sector has two main focus groups that can benefit from our services. First, there is the classical schooling system. Next to the classical schooling system, there are lots of organisations that offer additional training or adult education, such as SYNTRA, CVO, etc.


Corporations with employees need their staff to be up to date with changing regulations, new technologies, new ways of working, etc. In order to make these trainings more efficient, these corporations can call upon our services to reduce costs and save more time.


Government agencies can also implement our services for both their own staff in different departments as well as for the social services they offer


Our services can be categorized in two main groups: consultancy and development.

Digital learning consultancy

Gamification consulting
Connectivism & Enhanced learning consulting
Corporate E-learning consulting
Digital didactics consulting

Development of digital learning platforms

Development of custom-build learning environments
Development of digital training solutions


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Oefenen van levensvaardigheden


(Academische) Woordenschat trainingstool


Eerste hulp bij rekenvaardigheden


We specialize in learning didactics and we build customized digital platforms in order to maximize learning and training abilities.

  • Innovative

    At CETIT we explore innovative ideas on a daily basis, in order to create better learning environments. Using our years of experience in E-learning we build responsive platforms that lead to better learning and training processes. We always aim at creating better experiences by exploring new technologies and implementing them in a relevant environment. Our background in ICT and didactics helps us to find the right balance between user-friendliness, learning efficiency and technological advancement.

  • Open

    We are a dynamic and open-minded team that likes to be challenged. We’re always open to discover new possibilities and technologies that help people learn better and faster. We love to keep a diverse client base such as large corporations, the education sector, government agencies etc. We are open to all types of assignments that require improving the learning abilities of human capital.

  • Competent

    We build tailor-made learning platforms that are backed by years of research in didactics together with our experience in E-learning. We are a small team of specialists in didactics and education working closely together with highly skilled developers. We specialize in custom-built solutions for all kinds of learning and training situations.

  • Determined

    We strongly believe in the power of E-learning and the benefits of didactically focussed platforms to create better learning processes. Our determination translates in the continuous research for better technologies and more efficient learning processes. Not only are we always up to date with the latest trends in E-learning, we aim at playing a pioneering role in the development of education and training platforms, using the best suitable technologies such as virtual reality, virtual environments, etc.

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